There is No Substitute for Experience when you need to mediate your employment case

Jeffrey Fuchsman brings his 40 years of experience as a labor and employment lawyer to the mediation process.

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Over the course of his 40-year career, Jeff has litigated hundreds of employment cases in both state and federal court, including cases involving claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. Jeff was also lead counsel in over 150 class and representative PAGA actions, including cases based on overtime misclassification, regular rate, meal and rest breaks, time clock rounding, tip pooling, service charges, wage statements, and commissions. Jeff was counsel in key employment cases decided by the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Jeff also co-authored several chapters on wage and hour law for the State Bar CEB series (Wage and Hour Laws, Advising California Employers and Employees; Payment of Wages and Overtime, California Wage and Hour Law: Compliance and Litigation).

Jeff can help you resolve the full range of employment cases including:

  • Wage and Hour Class and PAGA actions
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Whistle Blowing

I have litigated single Plaintiff and class action cases against Jeff for more than ten years before he became a mediator. I have enjoyed working against him and now working with him to resolve complex, novel and difficult class action cases. I would highly recommend Jeff for any labor and employment case that you have.

Jeff did an excellent job mediating a wage and hour class action alleging misclassification of exempt employees. Plaintiff’s counsel suggested him as a mediator, and I am thrilled to now have him on our short list. He met with the parties separately prior to mediation and was completely prepared. He asked probing questions, understood the issues, and did not just focus on the numbers. He worked diligently through the merits with each side, and expertly provided a mediator’s proposal at the right time for the right amount. Both parties quickly accepted, and we are able to move on from this long-standing matter. Anyone looking for an unbiased, skilled wage and hour mediator should feel confident selecting Jeff.

I had litigated many cases against Jeff as my opposing counsel when he represented defendants. However, I did not hesitate to use him as a mediator because of his extensive knowledge and expertise in individual and class/PAGA actions. I have had Jeff as my mediator in multiple cases and he has impressed me by being able to resolve all of them regardless of the complicated issues and size of the case. Jeff is truly an amazing mediator.

Jeff is on my short list of go to mediators. I fortunately mediated a tough case with Jeff and he was able to resolve it. He is extremely knowledgeable about employment law (as he’d been a litigator for decades) and came to our mediation very well prepared. He didn’t just convey numbers and arguments back and forth. He was intellectually engaged during all of our caucuses and pushed me to reevaluate some positions taken by my client. He helped us navigate through some very tough issues and tough personalities with a soft touch (something my client definitely needed). I look forward to mediating with Jeff again and again.

Jeff’s expertise and professionalism recently guided us to a resolution of a complex wage and hour class and representative PAGA action. His comprehensive understanding of California wage and hour laws and commitment to finding common ground made the process efficient and effective. I will keep him on my short list of preferred mediators and I highly recommend his services for anyone seeking a skilled mediator in employment and/or wage and hour class and PAGA actions.

My firm has litigated against Jeff Fuchsman in a number of cases over the past twenty years. Jeff was always a skilled and knowledgeable adversary and litigated on behalf of his clients with grace and civility. Jeff is equally proficient as a mediator using his extensive employment experience, patience and compassion to get cases settled. I was impressed with Jeff’s ability to communicate with my client, a long-term employee with a public entity, in a difficult and complex disability discrimination case. I would not hesitate to use Jeff again.

In a complex wage and hour class action that had been litigated for years, Jeff’s professionalism, experience and knowledge of the law helped us reach a settlement after previous efforts to resolve the case before other mediators and settlement conference judges had failed. Happy to now have Jeff, who we had not used as a mediator before, on our list of preferred mediators.

Jeff worked his magic in resolving our employment class action after multiple failed mediations with other veteran mediators and magistrates. His decades of experience in defending wage and hour cases gives him a unique approach to assessing liability and understanding exposure. Jeff is calm, collected and laser focused to get the job done!

I was impressed by Jeffrey as our mediator in a recent mediation involving a disability and retaliation employment matter. Jeffrey’s knowledge and years of experience in employment law, in addition to his tenacity and persistence in seeking avenues for agreement, helped both sides reach a resolution in a difficult case. He was fully prepared with a calm disposition which worked well with the parties, and surmounted the typical obstacles that seem to plague most mediations with honesty and critical insight. I have moved Jeffrey onto my short list of mediators.

I went to Jeff Fuchsman with a case where both sides had become entrenched and seemingly unable to settle. But Jeff was patient, meticulous and relentless in bringing the parties together to an eventual agreement. I was pleasantly surprised, and very impressed, that Jeff could get a deal done in my case. I plan to use him again for other difficult cases!

Jeffrey worked hard to get a deal on a complex case which was largely regarded by all as being unsettleable.

Jeff was a great choice as our mediator for a recent case: he had instant credibility given his 40 years of experience as an employment lawyer, and one specializing in California wage/hour litigation at that.  On top of that he was very well prepared and knew the relevant facts and law inside and out.  But perhaps Jeff’s greatest qualities are his humility (yes, he is good, but did not need to trumpet himself) and his related ability to connect with the parties—to push them to a needed resolution, but to do so in a way that is thoughtful and collaborative.  I did not need to really “fight” with my client or with Jeff to get to “yes.”  That is a testament to his ability to get parties and counsel to see things through the same lens.

I used Jeffrey for a mediation on a wage and hour case and he was excellent. He knows the issues cold, was very well prepared, has a calm and comforting demeanor, and he was tough on both sides, which allowed for the case to settle for a substantial but fair amount. I would use him again on any of my wage and hour or PAGA cases as he was simply outstanding.

In mediating a complicated PAGA/class action case, I found Jeff to be knowledgeable, thorough, and tenacious. He understood the facts and the law and was able to suggest a mediator’s proposal that both sides accepted. He clearly did his homework and knew the case inside and out before the day even started. His demeanor was professional and respectful throughout the process and was willing to listen to facts and legal arguments. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others and plan on using his services again.

Jeff came ready to make it happen. He was prepared, had thoroughly reviewed the materials, held helpful pre-mediation calls with both parties, and demonstrated a clear understanding of the facts in dispute throughout the process. As a long-time practitioner in the wage and hour space, he also knew the law. Thus, no time was wasted getting him up to speed on the relevant authorities. Both my client and I will be reaching out to him again for assistance.

Mr. Fuchsman is a tenacious and evaluative mediator who approaches every mediation fully prepared with a firm understanding of applicable law and relevant issues. I would enthusiastically recommend Jeff as a mediator for any matter as he will work extra hard to assist the parties reach a deal.

I’ve mediated several class and representative wage and hour cases with Jeff, all of which settled. I find Jeff very effective because he really understands the legal issues in these cases, and he digs into the facts and law when needed to facilitate negotiations. Jeff’s many years in private practice have provided him with a practical perspective that allows him to connect with attorneys and clients. I highly recommend Jeff as a mediator.

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